Hmmm.....What's that smell?

picture of melted wall outlet.

OK..the top outlet had a timer plugged into it controlling a lamp. It worked fine!

The bottom outlet had the following
plugged in to it:
1. a power strip that had plugged into it....
2. Macintosh G4 computer
3. 80gb external hard drive
4. Toshiba cable modem
5. Epson printer
6. another power strip which had plugged into it...
7. Hitachi 17" monitor
8. Sony computer speakers
9. Macintosh iBook
10. a desk lamp
11. Linksys router
12. another power strip which had nothing plugged into it.
I then added another monitor that pushed everything over the edge....

I've changed things around a bit after replacing the receptacle. No more bad smells!



....and sometimes I forget I'm living in the city....